Sunday, July 24, 2011


Have you heard of Greazefest before? It's pretty much the most exciting thing that happens in Brisbane each August:-

GreazeFest is the 'must-do' event for kustom kulture devotees in the Southern Hemisphere.

Held in Brisbane, Australia, the GreazeFest is a crankin' weekend of cool cars, rockabilly tunes, vintage bikes, lowrider cycles, low brow art, pinstripers, tattoos and vintage threads.

Coming up is the 12th annual installment of this rockin' shindig, so get yourself ready for a huge weekend of fun.

Thousands of rockabilly and hot rod fans will be rolling into Rocklea Showground for two hot rockin' nites of live music, followed by one huge day of ultra-kool kustom kulture.

It runs from Friday 5th August to Sunday 7th August with heaps of bands (rockabilly, psychobilly & a little country) on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My favorite day is Sunday aka THE MARKET DAY! With more than 110 market stalls, a not-to-be-missed art show, hot rod/custom/vintage car & bike displays, Micheline Pitt is running a modern pin-up workshop and there'll be a kick-ass fashion parade:-

The GreazeFest displays over 110 stalls featuring vintage wares, rockabilly clothing, automobilia, artwork, tattoos, records, cds and posters, tikis, stickers, photography, hair grease and hair accessories, kool kids wear, tshirts, creepers and boots, model cars, hand bags and jewellery, sunglasses, books and anything else cool and or collectible!

If you were lucky enough to book in advance, Mimsy from Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo will be there tattooing her famous old school style and there'll also be a few hair & make-up stalls as well (I believe).

Here's a post from last year where I was sharing a stall with Mimsy.

Needless to say, the day was AWESOME! It was really great to meet so many customers, I LOVE the social aspect of holding a market stall.

This year I'm holding my own stall so I'll have a wider range of products available than last year (more space etc), plus I've enlisted the help of my lovely fiance, (yay!) as my pack-mule and general go-to guy.

I'll be at Site No. 96 in the Art Village, the same row as Tiki Dylan. Who's Tiki Dylan you say? Well, he makes cool Tiki stuff! You can find him here.

Make sure you swing by and say hi! I love meeting people :D

Bye for now.


Monday, July 04, 2011

Australia Post increases prices for the 2nd time in 6 months

Righto, in light of Australia Post's fee increase from today, I'm taking a good hard look at how I ship, what I charge and what (if anything) I can do to improve the situation for my customers.

Believe it or not, it's super complicated! I'm been wracking my brain all day long to come up with some solutions. Every time I think I've found an alternative, it ends up only being a measly .30c cheaper or something equally unhelpful.

Personally, I'm an avid on-line shopper. I buy everything from clothes to jewellery, home wares to soap (of course, I'm addicted you see :P) and shipping costs are something that has me hovering over the "buy-it-now" button too so I sympathise with my customers completely at your frustration at ever increasing postal costs.

Shipping soap isn't as easy as say, a skirt or a pair of earrings. I can't just jam them into a satchel or wrap in bubble-wrap and pop into an envelope. Soap is heavy, easily dented, high & wide. I couldn't think of anything worse then your lovely soaps arriving in a less than perfect condition. That's why I have special shipping boxes and the soaps are bubble wrapped and padded with fill to cushion against any blows. This in itself can push it up in postal costs to the next tier, it sucks but I've seen how mail can be handled and it's not always careful, especially when it's being handled multiple times by staff, drivers, baggage handlers on planes etc.

So here's my plan:

1. Reduce the shipping cost of single lip balm orders down to $1.50.
2. Adjust as best I can the amount you pay for additional items based on weight (ie, charge a little more for heavy things and a little less for lighter things instead of the blanket .50c "with another item" I currently charge.
3. Start a policy where I refund any overcharges of more than a $1 and bill any extra of more than $1, making your postal costs more exactly weight based.

To do this, I'm going to need your patience and understanding while I adjust my costs and for you not to hate me if I have to bill you any extra. I wish I didn't have to, truly I do!

Please feel free to contact me over the next few days if you are keen to buy something I've mentioned will be changing but it hasn't yet, I might have missed something so an email would be much appreciated - sailormouthsoaps at gmail dot com.

Have a great night/day/whatever my lovelies, I'm off to adjust the shipping on a gazillion listings - joy :P


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