Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday month

Phew! What a month. It's been my intention to write a blog post for hrrrm, lets see...the last 26 days and this is the first (all be it brief) chance I've had. Needless to say, my lovely customers have been taking advantage of the 2nd Birthday Celebrations sale I've been running. Thanks for keeping me so busy!

There's only a few days left of the sale. This week's offer is free Australian shipping for any order over $40. It runs from today to the 31st March 2012 at 11:59pm EST. Simply enter code BIRTHDAYSALEAUSSIE when you check out your order in the shopping cart at

Be sure to enter your code as the system is automated and I can't fix up any code errors if you forget to enter it.

You might be asking - "Sale? What sale?" If so, then be sure to sign up for my newsletter here so you don't miss out in the future! Newsletters go out every two months or so (due to my slackness) and I'll never sell or share your details so don't worry, there will be no spam because of me <3

Thursday, March 01, 2012

It's our 2nd birthday and we have presents for you!

I know everyone says this but WOW, the time has flown. Sailor Mouth Soaps is celebrating our 2nd birthday this month and I have presents for YOU! I can always send you a link to my amazon wish list if you want to return the favour (jokes) but it's probably more fun to give you the presents <3

This birthday we are doing things a little differently. The month has been split up into 5 segments and each segment has a different special offer! Everything from free stuff with your order, to discounted purchases and even free shipping. Just enter the correct coupon code at the right time and WAH-BAM, free/cheap stuff will be coming your way.

Newsletter subscribers, you would have received a newsletter with all of the details this morning. Those that aren't newsletter subscribers...well you're going to have to wait a little longer *whispers - I did tell you* muhahaha.

Here's a picture of my Pug Herman at this own birthday party :P

PS - how do you like my new banner?


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