Saturday, April 03, 2010

Setting up shop & my Tibetan Spaniel, Gomez

Good morning everyone,

I practically pulled an all-nighter last night getting as many sites all set up and ready to go as I could.

I must have spent hours on Etsy looking through the how-to's and blogs. Having never sold there before, I was amazed at the amount of information available. Thorough tutorials, videos and more! I feel more prepared now and I hope my camera charges quickly, I have lots more photos to take.

My wonderful little pup Gomez did me a favour this morning. He was going through a box I have in my office that contains most of my packing materials and kept pulling out the same piece of bubble wrap. I kept taking it off him and telling him to leave it etc, as you do, with very persistent pets and then on the third try, I noticed there was actually something in the wrap. When I received a stock order the other week, I somehow left one bottle of soap colour in the bubble wrap and Gomez found it! Needless to say the pups were then given a nice breakfast and plenty of pats.

Thank you Gomez, I'd be lost without my Brilliant Blue :)

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