Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making the move to Palm Oil Free

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on the Palm Oil situation. As you might remember reading in my last post, I had finally (after literally years of searching) found a Palm Oil free soap base I can use for my products. The good news is, it's passed my tests, meets my cruelty free and vegan criteria and I'm bringing it into production. Can I get a hurrah? Hurrah!

I've already begun integrating it into my soaps but please allow me some time to update labels and go through what stock I already have. If you want to have your order made with the new Palm Oil Free base especially before it is all that is available, just let me know and I can accommodate you :)

I have future plans for another line of products that will most likely include RSPO Certified Palm Oil. So why would I add Palm Oil back into the range after taking it out? Well with me being the ingredient nerd that I am, I've done a lot of research (surprise, surprise!) and I feel that the best way to encourage positive change and utilise an ingredient, is to support the people doing it right. By that I mean using a sustainable product that has no negative impact on already fragile ecosystems and by helping support third world farmers. Palm Oil has been made to look like the devil but it in itself is no more evil than say, soy or carrots. If the market demand for soy or carrots (as an example) grew to such a huge amount that big capitalist corporations moved in, buying up farms and cultural land that had been sustainably worked for years only to burn it to the ground, destroying habitats, displacing and potentially wiping out entire species and planting thousands of hectares of soy or carrots, those plants would seem pretty bad too huh. It's not the ingredient, it's the frothing at the mouth, money hungry, environment exploiting so and so's that are to blame. If we use the right suppliers, we CAN make a change in the world.

As far as my soap base goes, I can't find anyone in the world, let alone Australia that uses RSPO Palm Oil in their bases so I have to phase that out. But when I start making other products, I can vote with my dollar and help support farmers and our precious animals and environment. My customers will always have a choice as far as their own usage of Palm Oil goes. There will always be the option of Palm Oil free or RSPO Palm Oil in my products.

Remember - some of my products have never and will never have Palm Oil in them. Such as the lip balms, soy wax melts and solid perfumes. Palm Oil is primarily used in soap making so it has no place in those products.

Well, how's that for a Wednesday morning ramble?

Have a great day,


Updated to add:

Because you don't have scratch very hard to uncover the giant "hippy" I am.


  1. Hi, I am a melt and pour soapcrafter and would love to go palm oil free - so great that you have found a base which is! I am too chicken to try CP as I have little children and no alone time, but would rather not have the palm oil.

    1. Hi Vicky! Thanks so much for your comment :D It was super hard to find one, especially a base that still performed to my high standards.

      I'm eager to try CP too!



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