Sunday, May 06, 2012

It's time to celebrate our Facebook Fans!

Competition is now closed. Congratulations to lucky number 4 - Maddy Mohawak!

We've hit 4500 Facebook Fans! Hurrah :D

It was a tough nut to crack & much love goes out to my loyal fans & fellow business owners that helped share my page around. To celebrate this milestone, I'm giving away a $30 gift voucher for one lucky fan to use in my Big Cartel web-store.

You might be wondering why I'm running a Facebook giveaway on my blog? Well, you see Facebook has a lot of rules about running giveaways so it is easier for everyone if I do it here :)

It's super simple to enter. All you need to do is:

1. Visit my Big CartelEtsyMadeit or Hand-Made sites (yes, I have a lot!) and pick out your three favourite products
2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me your favourite three (no anonymous votes, I need to be able to contact the winner!)

The giveaway will run from the time of posting to 7:30pm EST Sunday 13th May 2012 where a random winner will be selected via

And now, the fine print.
This competition is open to both domestic & international fans. The winner will be announced on Facebook, on this blog post and contacted directly. The "voucher" is actually a discount code that is entered at checkout for credit to apply, the winner will not receive a physical voucher but for ease of reference, I am referring to it as a voucher. The winner must  redeem the voucher within 6 months or it will expire. Voucher is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Voucher is only valid at my Big Cartel store




  1. It's got to be the day of the dead soaps on Etsy,
    the doll parts on made it both because theyre cool and the Exfoliating Raspberry Vanilla Body Scrub Soap for sensitive and problem skin because i do have sensitive skin

  2. My three favourite would have to be
    The cactus
    The waffle heart
    The Doll Parts! (they're my favourite I own 6 sets!)

  3. I love the Oh Dear and the Brain Soaps as well as the Solid Perfumes!
    The brain soaps were the perfect gift for a girlfriend of mine!

  4. Chocolate Coffee Bean
    Chocolate & Mint Macaroon
    Cupcake Soap


  5. Enormous congrats on such an amazing milestone!! That is seriously fabulous, and it's well deserved!

    diamond gemstones
    doll parts (awesome stuff!)
    and the cactus.

  6. I'm a huge fan of the raspberry vanilla sugar soap as I've used it previously and it's beautiful, and in my next order I'll be ordering the coffee kisses soap, and the rapsberry iced donut soap!

  7. I love the bird and bird eggs, the paws and the chocolate face bar. As a vegan, I think these products are fabulous!

  8. For above entry "Cara" email:

  9. I love these ones:

    Doll Parts Soap Set
    Conversation Candy Heart Soaps
    Big Kahuna Tiki Soap


  10. My favourite's are the cinnamon buns solid perfume, the coconut lip balm, and the chocolate coffee bean....

    But I also love the mystery packs I get every time I order.



  11. My current most favourite is coffee kisses! Its living in my bus shower and now my bus smells like coffee and cream (vast improvement on the fake scent thing the previous owner used!) and chai (I am a huge chai drinker!)

    followed by your new Sunlit gargen that I have a tiny sample of and then voodoo love spell perfume (it makes me feel so feminine)

  12. It's hard to narrow it down, honestly!
    but the three I like best would be...
    Puppy soap for dog lovers, bird nest with eggs both for the absolute cuteness, seriously adorable!
    (When I ever get married I hope you sell the birds nest soap still because they would be perfect favors I think!) and pina colada lip balm (I use mine ALL THE TIME it's so delicious and makes the perfect smooth base for my lipsticks!


  13. I love the toasted coconut lip balm, voodoo love spell solid perfume and the rose water macaroon soap it's so hard to pick just 3!

    . lauren-

  14. My picks are:
    The mini bird set
    Juicy apple lip balm
    Macaron soap set

    All fun!


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