Friday, April 08, 2011

Prototypes & discontinued soaps

If you follow my Facebook Fan Page you may have seen my post the other day above how I've been having tonnes of fun trying out some really cool new molds. That has to be one of my favorite parts about my job, it's SO exciting to unmold a new creation the first time. You never know what you'll get <3

That being said, it doesn't always work out. Sometimes I underestimate the amount of soap needed to fill the mold and I end up with a soap that's perfect but slightly smaller than usual. Or I get so excited dancing around to whatever far-too-loud music I'm currently listening to that I forget the fragrance. Ooops. Thankfully the fragrance thing doesn't happen too often but 10g underweight soaps happens more than I like :P

So if you're keen to get to a sneak peak of some upcoming soap designs pre-release or if you would like to see how good a naturally based, glycerin rich, moisturising soap can make your skin feel (ie. no more itchy, dry skin!) then this is for you!

Value wise - you can't beat this. You'll get around 300g (usually more) of soap for only $6. That can be anywhere from 3 regular sized bars to 8 kiddy-sized/hand basin soaps. Bargain!

Get yours here!


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