Friday, April 13, 2012

Palm Oil, Veganism and Soap. A ramble about ethics.

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen the little post asking whether you would be prepared to pay a little bit more for Palm Oil Free & Organic products. I should probably explain.

I would consider myself to be a very ethical person. I have been living (and loving) the hell out of my Vegan and totally cruelty free lifestyle for many years now. When I say that my products are "Vegan & Cruelty Free", you can bet your bottom dollar that it's not just an incidental fact or marketing hype, my business has been built from the ground up with those principals in mind. Being certified with Choose Cruelty Free and PETA is proof that I not only stand by these convictions but am willing to sign legal documents to state how my business sources the ingredients and have accountability for my purchases. It's worth pointing out that running a business with so many considerations is not without its complications. Many, many times I have come across a Palm Oil Free or Organic component and I've thought "eureka!" only to find out that it's not Vegan or the supplier can't guarantee Cruelty Free status. Back to the drawing board we go. Rinse and repeat.

I guess the reason I wanted to talk about these issues today is because many of my customers/fans/followers etc want my finished products to meet my (and their) ethical standards but as a consumer, it's hard to fully understand the complexity of the situation from an ethical and manufacturing standpoint and why it takes so damn long to bring these products to market. So today I wanted to give you my absolute personal guarantee that I spend a massive amount of time behind the scenes searching for and researching about the perfect ingredients to add to my products. This takes a lot of time but I never give up. I am about to start the testing phase of some new soap bases that tick all of the boxes, now I just need to see how they perform! Adding these new bases might see a slight price increase but by slight, I mean slight. I won't be able to confirm anything until I've finished my trials but I'll keep you posted.

Long term goal-wise, I have a tonne of new product lines I want to release. I wish I could bring them all out at once but I have a pretty full on day job so Sailor Mouth Soaps will have to grow slowly for now because I've got to pay the bills just like everyone else :D

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