Friday, January 21, 2011

Your Valentines Day shopping guide, with Sailor Mouth Soaps

Sweet Valentine's Day. Whether you want to give a little or a lot or even just a gift to spoil yourself or a friend, here is a few indulgent but affordable Valentine's Day goodies from my online store for you to choose from <3

For the ladies

A bold pink, candy scented glycerin soap bar with XO *kiss hug* embedded into the middle of the bar. This fragrance is devine. It's sweet like sherbet, fairy floss and vanilla. YUM!

Nothing says nom noms like a slice of ornate soap cake, especially when it smells like conversation heart candy! This special soap comes ready for gifting in its own organza bag. You choose between a white or silver bag. All packaged up, this soap reminds me of that tasty slice of cake you get to take home from a wedding but this baby has none of the calories.

Adorable little hand soaps for the sweetie pie in your life. These detailed soaps smell like fresh, juicy cucumber with a a touch of tropical fruit to round off the fragrance.

Sweets for your sweet. A foodies Valentines Day treat! Far from the usual caramel scent, these delicious soaps have rich base notes of Cocoa and Vanilla, a hint of Nutmeg and Praline with lashings of Buttercream.

Scented with an amazing vanilla and strawberry fragrance, this huge cupcake soap looks and smells like the real thing! A red cherry adds extra cuteness.

This huge cupcake soap smells just like banana lollies! There is even an icing sugar note to the fragrance, just like how a real cupcake would smell. A red cherry adds extra cuteness.

For your delicious lady (or man) love, a luxurious berry scented soap. Which berries you ask? All of them! This deep fragrance smells like strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberries etc.

For the boys

Scented with a new fragrance, Honey Ale! It's boozy and sweet at the same time, there is even hints of Ripe Strawberries, Sweet Apples, Grape Concord, Sparkling Citrus, Honey and Spiced Vanilla.

The fragrance is warm and sultry in a dark, spicy sort of way, however, this scent doesn't actually smell like black pepper! It's earthy and complex and definitely not just for the boys, it's a true unisex fragrance that everyone will enjoy.

A warm & sensual fragrance with soft musky notes and bold resin bottom notes. Amber and vanilla round off the scent. Your soaps will be presented in a recycled brown Kraft box with clear lid. Shredded, recycled paper gives eco-friendly protection for your soap. The gift box is finished with natural twine.


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