Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update time! (long overdue)

*Update - Monty has been adopted by a very active woman (she runs marathons!) and she can take him to work! How great is that? Super happy ending :)*

There's a few things happening at Sailor Mouth Soaps headquarters and it's high time for another blog post so here we go.

Firstly, we are taking on another foster dog. This little dude is named Monty and he should be here in the next half an hour, yay! He's the second dog we've fostered so far and I'm very excited about getting him ready for his forever home :) If you're interested in fostering yourself, you can contact Animal Rescue QLD

*Update - here's Monty!*

Now onto the business update.

* New scrubs - these are slowly being released. It kills me to have them "product ready" but due to bad weather conditions here in Brisbane, taking a decent photo has been outside the realms of possibility over the last few weeks. I'm also waiting on packaging, labels etc. Releasing a new product takes a lot of planning, testing and trial & error. I'm getting these out as fast as I can but my biggest concern (as always) is to make sure everything is perfect before I offer it for sale. I'm kind of a stickler about that :P Some may say I'm obsessive compulsive but I say no and tap my foot 3 times. Just kidding.

* New room freshers - now anyone who has been following my blog, Facebook, Twitter etc would know I've been talking about these since, well probably February. LOL! I've discovered it takes about 6 months to get through a bottle and that's with usual daily use (ps. it's an awesome bathroom/toilet spray, let me tell you. Hrrmmm TMI?) plus with all of the fabric freshening and general room use, I'm still not through my first bottle. I'm waiting on labels for these and then once the photography is done, they won't be far away. I'm estimating 3 weeks maximum.

*Greazefest - in you're in Australia, you've probably heard about the massive 3 day Rockabilly/Nostalgia festival that happens in Brisbane early August. I held a stall there last year and this year is no different. I was umming and ahhhing about it but then caved into customer pressure :P This site is bigger than last year and I have a helper (ie. my lovely Fiance) so I'm putting a lot time and energy into making it an awesome stall to stop by. I will be stall 96 in the Art Village, close to the Bar & ATM (hurrah!).

*Wholesale - I must admit that with spending weeks tweaking my new webstore, I've fallen a bit behind with my latest wholesale line sheet. My drafts are all saved as "May" but we are almost halfway through June. *smacks* I'm going to make that my focus for next week. Promise.

*Big Cartel - Oh yes, this new webstore I've been waffling on about. You can find it here. 

I will still have my Etsy store but as it's becoming too costly to sell all of my products there, the line will be scaled down to carry only my most popular items, with Big Cartel taking most of the bulk. I know for some of you, you're happy that you don't need to have an Etsy account to buy from me and others are probably a little upset that it's not as convenient to buy from me. I apologise for this, it is a bit annoying but if I keep my costs down, that means I can continue to offer high-quality, low priced skin pampering goodies.



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