Thursday, February 21, 2013

Charitable causes

You've probably noticed that I have a real soft spot for animals. It's no secret that I'm passionate about protecting animals and because I feel so strongly, I make it a part of my business as well.

Last year Saffron on the Hill Inc (Not-for-profit organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and 
rehomes dogs, including quite a few Pugs!) used some of my Pug Soaps at a charity auction to fundraise for vet bills and I just received this wonderful email to let me know how it went:-


Thank you again, letting you know that your item and contributions enabled Saffron on the Hill to pay for almost a full surgery for Bob, and large contribution to Daisy's surgery.

Thank you for your wonderful products.

Kindest regards
Karen McVeigh

Yaaaaaaaaaay! That makes me so happy. I absolutely love to hear back and find out how everything went.

There's a few other animal rescue groups I've worked with or donated to, including:-

Siberian Husky Rescue Inc.

Hunter Animal Rescue

Arctic Breed Rescue

Fetching Dogs

Animal Rescue Queensland

These happen to be all dog rescue groups but I love all animals so:-

If you are part of an animal charity or wildlife rehabilitation group in Australia and would like to fundraise (or possibly receive a donation from me) with certified Vegan & Cruelty Free, Environmentally Friendly products, made right here in Australia by hand (by me!) me at sailormouthsoaps(at) and we can discuss. 

Highly discounted rates on products are available for charities for fundraising purposes. I've personally worked for Not-For-Profits before, so I know how hard it is to fundraise. That's why it's so important to me to make sure that even the newest, smallest, start up groups have access to fundraising options, beyond the usual chocolate drive!

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