Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greazefest wrap-up

It's already been a week since the big day, crazy!

The day itself went off without a hitch (this year :P). There was a little hicup in the weeks leading up to the event. My supplies went missing in the post! They were 10 days late and needless to say, I was freaking out. I was already running low when I placed an order...they finally arrived 5 days before the event so I was working almost around the clock to get enough stock together.  

I guess the silver-lining was that the hand-wringing down time let me focus on the display, print out signs, labels etc. So I guess it wasn't all bad, in hindsight. 

Thanks to a kind friend, we had a marquee for the day and boy, was I glad about that! The stall faced East so we had the morning sun and the midday sun was rather burny despite a chilly breeze. Thanks for the marquee Dave!

Having my fiance Brad there was a life saver, it got so busy at times that should have had three staff! I don't know how I would have coped on my own.

Sadly I only have a few pictures. Last year I was lucky enough to have one of my best friend's there to take shots but she had a baby 3 weeks prior so that's a pretty good excuse :P Speaking of which, here's a photo of the little dude. His name is Lexx.

Here's the few photos I have from the day.

In the last photo you can just see Brad reading a comic on his iPad. That was pretty much his last relaxing moment that day, teheheh. I'd say there was well over 5000 people there, possibly more. In this photo you can also see my favorite thrifting find, the raised display whats-a-thingy. I found it at Reverse Garbage in Wooloongabba for only $25! I think I actually squealed when I saw it. I wonder what it was used for before? 

I could ramble on forever but I'd best wrap it up. There's a lot happening in the next few months and I'll be blogging more regularly so I'd better save some for later :P

One quick highlight for the day (well, two actually) was hearing someone yelp "Oh my god, look it's Sailor Mouth Soaps!" and running over, another couple also told me they came especially to see my stall! That's enough to make my cheeks burn and dance a little jig at the same time <3

Keep it soapy!

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