Monday, September 05, 2011

Glenorchy, Heli Rafting & Forest Wanderings

Hi everyone!

We got up to a few things over the weekend. First was a drive out to Glenorchy, a tiny little town on the northern end of Lake Wakatipu (the lake is massive, 291km square & up to 420m deep!)

We stopped for brunch and as we've come to expect in many of the small towns we've visited, the only non-meat food available was chips. I used to like chips but now I'm not sure I can look a potato in the eye ever again.

This was an old boat shed by (what appeared to be) the one and only dock in the town.

You can't tell by the half-smile, but I totally dig nature walks <3

Check out these weird dead trees all lined up. 

The trees look amazing against the perfect sky. Bad weather had been forecast almost the entire holiday but aside from one rainy night, it hasn't affected us at all. Lucky huh! Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get out and explore like we have.

This was taken on the dock. I wanted to get the old timber in the frame so I had to sit down to take this. Surprisingly comfy!

This is the local library! Can you believe it? Kindle's must be worth their weight in gold out here.

Brad went heli rafting the other day. What's heli rafting you ask? Well, basically, you fly up in a helicopter to the top of a mountain and then raft down. Crazy huh? I sat this one out, hah. They went down the Shotover River. Apparently it was lots of fun and he wishes it went for longer. It turns out there was lots of photo opportunities, shame we didn't realise this and he left the camera at home.

While he was doing this, I went out exploring and after checking out every tourist trap shop Queenstown has to offer, I ended up in the Queenstown Gardens. The gardens are shaped kinda like a thumb when you look on the map and are endlessly beautiful.

I wish the photos showed how intensely inviting the woods actually were. I wanted to run off and explore them but I wasn't silly enough to go alone so close to dark. Knowing me, I'd get lost!

So instead I found a way down to the water front path and stuck to the more populated areas. Sorry if you're getting sick of all of the photos of the lake. I can't get enough. It's so big and always looks different to me <3

That's it for now. My updates are a little behind, please bare with me while I catch up :D

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