Friday, September 09, 2011

Online shopping

Goooood morning!

Well, I'm finally back in Australia after long delays with our flights. By the time we finally got home last night, I was far too knackered to hop on the computer and re-open the stores so I was up from 6am working this morning to get everything taken care of. I'm still working through updating listings so please bare with me for just a little longer <3

I just wanted to explain some changes I'm making to my online stores as it probably looks a little confusing from my customers perspective.

As you might remember reading a few months ago, I opened up a new online store on Big Cartel here at This was partly so I had a little more control over the design of the store and the information I could put onto the site. The largest reason was because it's becoming very expensive to sell on Etsy due to listing fees & commissions from each sale, plus the constant site and content changes that aren't being properly rolled out & explained to sellers etc. I know a lot of my customers seem to prefer shopping on Etsy, whether it's due to habit or preference I'm not sure (I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!) so I obviously want to keep that store open. To do this, I'm beginning to list similar types of products under the same listing. For example, these oatmeal soaps are the same except for color and fragrance. Instead of listing them seperately, they are listed together and you simply tell me at checkout which you would prefer. Same deal with the lip balms and perfumes. You get the idea. One of the advantages Big Cartel has over Etsy is that you can have an unlimited number of products in stock without paying listing fees, meaning that my Big Cartel links are always live. The Etsy ones expire after each sale and I have to re-list them as soon as I can so they can be purchased again and you'll probably have to go searching around in my Etsy store to find that item since the link no longer works!

My Etsy store will eventually end up offering only my best sellers, while my my Big Cartel store will have the full range. You can of course order from both stores and I will refund & combine the shipping overcharges.

Hopefully that explains some of the obvious weirdness in my stores. If have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at sailormouthsoaps(at), on my Facebook or Twitter.


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