Thursday, September 01, 2011

Holiday cont.

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update today....

It was a beautiful drive on the way to Arrowtown.

What we liked most about the town was the walk through the historic Chinese Settlement from the Gold Rush era. It was fascinating to see how small yet sturdy and well built the huts were.

Check out the view from Arrowtown Cemetery. This was the oldest part, some of the graves were from the 1800's.

Next stop was the Onsen Hot Pools. This lived up to the hype! The ceiling and walls fold up so you can get the fresh mountain was super fresh. When you got too hot, you could add cold water which came down from the roof. It was about 9 degrees and splashed right into the hot pools. It's cold on your head, let me tell you :P

Checking out the view...

This is Lake Hayes. The wind coming off the lake was almost enough to knock you over and our face was numb after 5 minutes, LOL. A beautiful 3 legged dog came running over after I took this photo with a stick, he wanted to play catch. We managed about 3 throws before he ran back to his owner. For a 3 legged dog, he ran without any trouble. I loved him!

I've got heaps more photos to upload so be sure to check back later <3

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